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The George Washington Award was presented to Every Kid Counts Executive Director and Co Founder Rob Perelka, on November 18, 2000 by the Freedom’s Foundation Award Presentation.
ROB PERELKA”  is the President and Co-founder of Every Kid Counts.  Since its inception, its mission has been to mentor the youth.  To give them encouragement, knowledge, guidance and self-esteem in order to foster a better way of life and future for themselves.  In doing so Rob helps make our community a far better place for all of us.  Every Kid Counts is totally dedicated to helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders.  Thank you Rob for being you, for seeing a need and filling that need, for giving the youth of our community’s a sense of who they are and who they can be in the future. Frances Wheeler, Awards Chairperson
  • EKC was voted one of the finalist in the Scottsdale Chamber event.