Mission & Vision

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Developing Kids through Education, Sports and After School Activities

Our Vision for a Brighter Future:

Every Kid Counts, Inc. is founded on the principles of providing education, sports and after school activities for the betterment of our community’s kids. Through our partnerships, volunteers and sponsors, we continue to achieve every goal that is set forth
by this organization, with the conviction of caring individuals whose main focus is to provide this much needed support. As a public charity, it is the direction of the founders and current board of directors, to make sure that this organization is implemented and continued, under the letter of the law, honestly, openly and morally correct.
In order for this organization to maintain a successful status, the founders and current board members have set forth guidelines of all aspects of operation. Anyone, at any given time, will have the opportunity to review at their discretion and offer up alternative suggestions that will maintain the integrity of this organization. EKC appreciates the commitment of the many good-hearted individuals who continue to spend countless effort and time to sustain these programs. This organization is about helping our nation’s youth achieve a better way of life free from the abuses of drugs and alcohol and the violence that ravages our community’s, as well as to prevent the spread of illiteracy and the breakdown in family values.
5 Year Strategy:
EKC has made a commitment for the next 5 years and beyond to develop, implement and
maintain the programs to make a difference in the lives of all the children we come in
contact with in our partnership with Creighton Elementary School District (CESD). In
addition, EKC seeks to enhance our long standing projects to reach more at need children
as well as increase awareness and financial support to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital
and our Hardship Fund.
Year 1:
Develop and communicate program and project ideas to grant providers and corporate partners for CESD outreach programs to reach targeted schools and fund sports programs.
Year 2:
Implement program based upon funding in all CESD Schools.
Year 3:
Maintain and expand programs based upon the needs of the students.
Year 4 & 5:
Based upon the success of the project and programs and the development of additional funding sources, mirror the programs and offer them up to other at need school districts.